Thursday, December 31, 2009

happy new year

Firstly i want to wish a Happy New year to all and this coming year will be a Tiger year. i hope we will have a wonderful year ahead and may all of our wishes do come true amin.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

new to this. .

My name is Nursyamira Nazrudin, and this will be my first post. The reason i do this blog is because i saw few of my friends owned 1 and it looks very interesting to do. I get to express myself on this sites. I'm a student in mara professional college. Currently i am taking diploma in international business. I'm the eldest sister in my family, n i have one younger sister. She sometimes doesn't know how much i love her. My boyfriend is Mohd Rafiq Johari. We have been together for 2years and i never get bored of him. Some might said that he's childish but they never really hangout with him and got d idea to say something like that (benci glew Ble org suke je judge org that they barely known). My family is the one thing that very important to me.
My best friend is Putri we known each other since we were form 1. I love her so much and now she is someone's fiancee(happy for her).