Thursday, May 20, 2010

Showdown 2010

its the second week of showdown 2010 n HMC PHLOW is still going strong with their dance moves

Go hmc phlow. .i know u guys r the best among all. .
Well even my mom said that!!!.. .
we really enjoyed ur perform guys. .
especially FAROUQ
hurmm besh sgt dpt tgk drg live on the stage=)
hopefully next week dpt g agi. .
cz amer ckp die nak sgt g. .ye ahh cian die xdpt g cz ade final. .
to all my fwens n BABY, im happy that I went there with u guys. .
sronok sgt lepak ngn krg. .
haaa after the show kte org sume g lepak kat tanjung. .makan. .afta that tros blk umah. .
cz dah kul 1. .kindda late. .
but its k. .cz windu sgt kat krg + appy dpt spend time ngn krg sume . .
Opppss b4 i 4get. .that is the 1st time i met Shira. .
u r totally Cool. .mmuuaaccks. .
B4 the show kte org sume g salon same2. .
sume nak wash n cut our hair!!salon die cantik sgt. .they're actually ex UITM students. .
Pachuck finally decide to cut his hair. . cz dah rimas sgt. .
pastu die cm kekok jer. .cz xske sgt rambot pendek ..he said it makes him look younger!!
tp lg ske die rambot pacak!!its a clean cut!!. .
so like i said. .we all went back at 1. .
n we really had a great time with each other. .
mmuuaaccks lurve u guys. ..
n love RAFIQ JOHARI so much. .

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